Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 23 Dr visit & random updates

I've been horribly sick for 7 days as of this past Tuesday, the day of my doctors appointments. Helper was dropped off early to care for the two toddler girls and see the two school aged ones off to the bus. Poor helper, I felt so bad for her as she was obviously sick and coming down with what I had. On top of that Peyton (youngest) still hasn't warmed up to her and I was so worried she would do nothing but scream and cry the entire time we were gone. It helped that my oldest Caitlyn occupied Peyton as we left, and as we heard later, when the big kids left for school she wasn't screaming. Still, I worried that entire morning.

First stop was the hospital (where they now know me by name haha) for the level 2 ultrasound with the Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic and the short visit from the perinatologist. This scan was a full anatomy scan and measurements, so it took nearly 2 hours to complete. I was in so much pain laying there on that hard hospital gurney! The ultrasound tech tried helping by giving me a pillow to prop my hip this way or that way to get in a semicomfortable position but eventually I just gave up and hoped the time would fly by.

All three babies look wonderful, their fluids are still perfect and they still (somehow) have room enough to keep changing positions. Triplet A is the lowest, she is the only girl, was laying head down and measured perfect weighing in at 1lb5oz. Triplet B started out laying head down, then moved back into his breech position which gave the tech a bit of a hard time trying to get him back in the right position for the scan. He measured great as well and weighed in at 1lb6oz. Triplet C is laying transverse across my belly which is quite painful when he stretches since there are two other little ones in the cramped space. His measurements were also right on target and this scan he weighed the most just a few ounces above his brother and sister at 1lb8oz.

Once the Perinatologist reviewed the scans and said everything was perfect we were on our way headed upstairs in the connecting building to my OBs office. For the first time ever it was only a 10 minute wait to see the OB which was shocking. Blood pressure was normal as per the nurse and even though the babies had gained weight, I somehow lost a pound when I was weighed. I'm still not quite sure how that all works out, but the doctor said it is fairly normal with multiple pregnancies. David assured everyone I was eating as well as taking all of my vitamins, and for once he wasn't on my case for losing weight. Shock of the day number two, haha. The doctor was pleased with how everything was going, didn't have any concerns, and gave me another antibiotic for my upper respiratory infection.

Finally at home all I wanted to do was sleep but helper was here and for some reason I just don't feel comfortable going to bed when someone is here. We fed the girls some lunch and as Peyton was getting cranky I knew I needed to lay down as well. If helper wasn't here I would have put on a movie and layed in my bed with Baylee while Peyton took a nap in her own bed, but Baylee refuses naps when helper is here. I gave in and ended up falling asleep for an hour while Peyton napped, which was much needed.

As the week went on helper was sounding worse and worse, I knew she needed to rest and see her own doctor, but she kept telling me she was fine and didn't need anything. I just couldn't help but feel bad for her. Still, she cleaned the house for me while I felt like I was going to cough up a lung on the couch. I am so grateful for the cleaning she has done. Still, I was a bit irked at one thing I need to talk to her about. My maternity clothes. I wash my shirts in a gentle cycle then hang them to dry so they won't shrink. Some are already getting short on my ever protruding belly and I want them to last as long as possible. To keep them seperate from the rest of the laundry I keep them in a pile on my closet floor until the week is over (and I've run out of shirts to wear) and then I wash them. Well, helper went in and grabbed them without me knowing, washed and dried them along with the rest of the laundry and now I have 3 shirts that now show the bottom of my belly. I was so upset by this (when pregnant the smallest things seem like the biggest) but knew she didn't realize what had been done. So, yes, I need to talk to her so it doesn't happen to the rest of my shirts. It's not like I can afford or want to go out and buy a handful of new maternity clothes when I am not sure if I will ever be pregnant again after this pregnancy.

This week was a bit stressful as we had to take the van into the shop. It's the only vehicle we have that fits my family of 6, and when something is wrong with it, it ends up being really stressful. For two days it stayed in the shop getting the repairs it needed and I was sick looking at the bill. Times like that I am thankful for the check I get being a surrogate. Without it, we never would have been able to pay for the van to be fixed. As it is, David's paychecks have been short because he works only a half day every other Tuesday to take me to my doctor appointments and that comes out of his checks.

Anyway, stresses are at a minimum today. I am home alone with the girls, and we are still lounging around in our pajamas at 9am. We are going to color, watch cartoons and just veg all day long. I haven't been sleeping well yet again, and the cold doesn't help things, so I am also looking forward to a nap with them today!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Helper

I now have a "helper" who stays at my house 3 days a week. This eases David's mind but I am still so-so on the whole idea. I have never had help with anything, the house is my responsibility to clean, my children are mine to take care of. But right now the doctor wants me to rest as much as possible, and is the one who suggested we get some help around here. I hate the feeling of not being able to do these normal things on my own right now. It makes me feel useless.

Don't get me wrong, the help is great. My house is so clean on the days she is here, helping David as much as me in that area. Before, poor overworked David was working his fulltime job only to come home, cook dinner and clean up the house. I would do what cleaning I could, yet it wasn't near what I was able to do before becoming pregnant with the triplets.

The downside to all this... yes, always a downside. My 21 month old baby girl Peyton is in her shy stage. She only wants Mommy or Daddy, and when helper is here she screams whenever she comes near her. Helper tried to fill Peyton's sippy cup and my little drama queen had an all out meltdown! She clings to me, clawing her way onto my lap whenever helper is around. This is more of a burden than help. But what to do about it? She does a lot around the house, tells me to sit everytime I get up, and is great with Baylee. Peyton is my only issue. I am hoping she relaxes and realizes that helper is our friend and warms up to her.

All this brings me to the issue of my upcoming (1st ever!) c-section. We have no family around to count on and leave the kids with, and friends all have families and children of their own. We would prefer someone to be here at the house with the kids to make it easy for them, and for them to be able to sleep in their own beds. Right now I told David that we will find a sitter during the day and he can come home with them at night. This still worries him, because he is worried if something should happen to me at the hospital while he is away. I would miss him of course, but the kids need him more than I do. I just need him there for the hard part... the surgery. Still thinking this all over, still worried, still scared.

Doctor appointments tomorrow, perinatologist and level 2 ultrasound with babies measurements. Hoping all is well as I have been horribly sick with an awful cold for 6 days now.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dr visit week 21

Every other Tuesday is a morning full of doctors appointments for me and the triplets. This was our 21 week appointment and fluid check on the babies. It was the quickest appointment with the Perinatologist, level 2 ultrasound scan that we have ever had, and according to them everything looks great. Mentioned the bleeding two weeks prior but the Perinatologist didn't seem fazed by it and said to follow up with my OB, which I had been. They just seemed very cut and dry at this appointment, but everything looked great so nothing to worry about.

Up on the 3rd floor at the OB appointment, I told her about my stomach tightening and the pain I have been in lately. She wanted to check me and make sure everything was closed, which it was. That aside, she has a growing concern on my health. Things look great with me so far, but the pain is increasing and I still have 4 children at home to care for. Sure, two of them are at school until 4pm, but the little two are the difficult ones. She said its taking a toll on me having to go up and downstairs putting the baby down for her nap, making breakfast and lunches, lifting the youngest to get her up for diaper changes and so on and so forth. That on top of taking care of the house (which I feel like I slack on anyway, not cleaning nearly as much as I used to and my house just feels dirty. I hate it.) Anyway, back on my thought train, the Doctor wants me to get some help. She asked if any family was around, and nope both our families are back in California. We have lived here for three years without help and I am not used to getting help. She told us that if I do not start getting some help and resting more they will have no choice but to put me in the hospital. That is not something I am ready for, I cannot do that to my family. So, get help it is.

After doing everything myself (with help from my husband) how do you all the sudden ask for help, or be okay receiving help? I feel so weird about this! I hate even asking friends to watch my kids for a few hours, though they tell me all the time they are willing and ready to help out. I'm used to being the one providing the help, not asking for it, and not needing it myself.

Looks like we will be getting some help 3 days a week with someone staying here those days. To me this is too weird. I want to lounge around in my pajamas with my girls and be lazy until we are ready to shower. We still usually end up back in lounging or pajama clothes after showers anyway. With someone here, I would feel the need to be up and dressed properly, showered and not lazy. The exact opposite of what the Doctor is wanting from me. How do I figure this out? My good friend Randi has offered to come help and be put to work. I don't mind being lazy around her, but as far as putting a friend to work in my house, I just wouldn't feel right. This is only for the next few months, I get that, but it is a hard pill to swallow for me at the moment. Will update as things go on. Wish me luck and sanity as I am already feeling antsy and wanting to get out and about. I will do what is best for these babies and my body and stay planted on this couch though... thank God for internet access!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Growing Belly, 20 weeks

Here I am, my 5th pregnancy, carrying triplets at 20 weeks pregnant. Huge difference from the last photo!!

Random Update

Tomorrow is another appointment with the Perinatologist, with level 2 ultrasound then rushing over to the OBs office for a regular appointment. I am 21 weeks pregnant today.

Over the weekend we went to The Woodlands, TX. We were spending the weekend at The Woodlands Resort (very beautiful!) but the gorgeous weather we had the weekend before vanished and it was cold and rainy. So that Saturday we went to The Woodlands Mall to walk around and be out and about. All in all it was a pretty good day, got some new much needed shoes that make walking so much easier! That night my 5 year old son ended up throwing up all over the hotel room bed and floor. We decided it would be best to leave a day early and get him home.

Sunday we went to get a few things at the store, but I just was not feeling right. My belly was pulling, my back was hurting and I opted to go home. Of course mentioning that I was in pain upset David and he kept me on the couch the rest of the day. Once the youngest (21 months) was put down for her nap and the two middle children occupied with a movie, he took off to get groceries with the oldest. I felt awful that doing something as simple as getting groceries for two weeks is now a chore that can't always be accomplished by me, or with me tagging along.

For the rest of the day Sunday I was in a lot of pain, my belly would tighten to the point I couldn't breathe. It didn't really feel like contractions since I know what those feel like so I chalked it up to more stretching. Will obviously be talking to the doctors about this tomorrow and make sure all is well. It hurt to get up off the couch for any reason, and was in tears just getting up to use the bathroom and return to the couch. Not fun! Carrying three babies has definately been interesting to say the least. More updates after the appointments tomorrow...

Weeks 19 & 20

Yes, this post/update is late... Sorry!! Those two weeks were crazy busy for me. Tuesday the 9th, I had another appointment with both the Level 2/ perinatologist and my regular OB. Everything went well, babies are growing and look great, and are weighing approx 11oz each. Yes, they all weighed the same!! The perinatologist said that never happens. So, does this mean I am doing something right??

The very next day late at night I experienced a lot of bleeding and went to the OB first thing in the morning. She checked everything, did ultrasounds and found nothing wrong and the babies to be as perfect as they were on Tuesday. She put me on a few restrictions and sent me on my way.

Week 20 of my triplet pregnancy I turned 29 years old on the 18th of March. Fun stuff. Haha, no really it wasn't an eventful birthday except for calling David home from work to take care of me. I felt bad that I had to do that but was experiencing a lot of belly cramping/ pain and was high and low emotional. So glad he came home!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


When I am pregnant I tend to get anxiety attacks. Sure, they come time to time when not pregnant but they come a lot more while pregnant. I guess the extra stress or rush of emotions, the changes my body are going through. Who knows exactly, but I try to deal with it. Yesterday was a particularly bad day for me and anxiety.

The day started out pretty crazy being woken by a puking 1 year old at 3am. David woke up and took over since the sight of her puking and heaving was putting me on the verge of losing my own stomach. We stayed up an hour with her and kept her in bed with us. Those of you who have kids know how difficult it is to sleep with wiggly toddler in your bed. Needless to say we didn't get much sleep, a nap was on the agenda for sure.

Nap time rolled around, Peyton went down in her crib, and Baylee fell asleep in my bed. What a shock since Baylee usually doesn't nap (stubborn at 3!). Well, as tired as I was I just couldn't fall asleep right away so I turned on the tv. Nothing was keeping my interest then I turned it to A Baby Story. I watched this show a few times mostly when pregnant with my own. Well this episode was about a woman having her second child, but first ever c-section. She had a huge anxiety/ panic attack once they gave her the spinal block. I have never had a c-section before and seeing her freak out like that was really making me uneasy. I don't know what is going to happen, I'm nervous and I don't want anything to go wrong.

Anxiety was setting in. Big time. Watching the show I was bawling my eyes out, scared of what is going to happen with my own c-section when it comes times to have these triplets. What if the spinal block hurts me? What if something goes wrong? What if I am not properly numb for the surgery and can feel them cutting into me? Every possible "what if" came to mind then and I couldn't stop freaking out, couldn't find a single way to relax. I picked up the phone to text David to which he told me to stop watching shows like that. Gee thanks honey. But then when I fully expressed my anxiety he understood, comforted me and talked me back into a place of calm only he can take me. He offered to come home if I needed him, but I declined and told him I would attempt to take that much needed nap instead.

I don't really know how to deal with the anxiety attacks when they strike, other than rely on David to bring me back to sanity. This one really upset me though and I still don't know whats to come of this c-section. Please keep me (and my sanity) in your thoughts to get through this. I know the babies will do great, I want to be coherent enough to see them when they are delivered though.