Monday, March 22, 2010

Random Update

Tomorrow is another appointment with the Perinatologist, with level 2 ultrasound then rushing over to the OBs office for a regular appointment. I am 21 weeks pregnant today.

Over the weekend we went to The Woodlands, TX. We were spending the weekend at The Woodlands Resort (very beautiful!) but the gorgeous weather we had the weekend before vanished and it was cold and rainy. So that Saturday we went to The Woodlands Mall to walk around and be out and about. All in all it was a pretty good day, got some new much needed shoes that make walking so much easier! That night my 5 year old son ended up throwing up all over the hotel room bed and floor. We decided it would be best to leave a day early and get him home.

Sunday we went to get a few things at the store, but I just was not feeling right. My belly was pulling, my back was hurting and I opted to go home. Of course mentioning that I was in pain upset David and he kept me on the couch the rest of the day. Once the youngest (21 months) was put down for her nap and the two middle children occupied with a movie, he took off to get groceries with the oldest. I felt awful that doing something as simple as getting groceries for two weeks is now a chore that can't always be accomplished by me, or with me tagging along.

For the rest of the day Sunday I was in a lot of pain, my belly would tighten to the point I couldn't breathe. It didn't really feel like contractions since I know what those feel like so I chalked it up to more stretching. Will obviously be talking to the doctors about this tomorrow and make sure all is well. It hurt to get up off the couch for any reason, and was in tears just getting up to use the bathroom and return to the couch. Not fun! Carrying three babies has definately been interesting to say the least. More updates after the appointments tomorrow...