Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 23 Dr visit & random updates

I've been horribly sick for 7 days as of this past Tuesday, the day of my doctors appointments. Helper was dropped off early to care for the two toddler girls and see the two school aged ones off to the bus. Poor helper, I felt so bad for her as she was obviously sick and coming down with what I had. On top of that Peyton (youngest) still hasn't warmed up to her and I was so worried she would do nothing but scream and cry the entire time we were gone. It helped that my oldest Caitlyn occupied Peyton as we left, and as we heard later, when the big kids left for school she wasn't screaming. Still, I worried that entire morning.

First stop was the hospital (where they now know me by name haha) for the level 2 ultrasound with the Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic and the short visit from the perinatologist. This scan was a full anatomy scan and measurements, so it took nearly 2 hours to complete. I was in so much pain laying there on that hard hospital gurney! The ultrasound tech tried helping by giving me a pillow to prop my hip this way or that way to get in a semicomfortable position but eventually I just gave up and hoped the time would fly by.

All three babies look wonderful, their fluids are still perfect and they still (somehow) have room enough to keep changing positions. Triplet A is the lowest, she is the only girl, was laying head down and measured perfect weighing in at 1lb5oz. Triplet B started out laying head down, then moved back into his breech position which gave the tech a bit of a hard time trying to get him back in the right position for the scan. He measured great as well and weighed in at 1lb6oz. Triplet C is laying transverse across my belly which is quite painful when he stretches since there are two other little ones in the cramped space. His measurements were also right on target and this scan he weighed the most just a few ounces above his brother and sister at 1lb8oz.

Once the Perinatologist reviewed the scans and said everything was perfect we were on our way headed upstairs in the connecting building to my OBs office. For the first time ever it was only a 10 minute wait to see the OB which was shocking. Blood pressure was normal as per the nurse and even though the babies had gained weight, I somehow lost a pound when I was weighed. I'm still not quite sure how that all works out, but the doctor said it is fairly normal with multiple pregnancies. David assured everyone I was eating as well as taking all of my vitamins, and for once he wasn't on my case for losing weight. Shock of the day number two, haha. The doctor was pleased with how everything was going, didn't have any concerns, and gave me another antibiotic for my upper respiratory infection.

Finally at home all I wanted to do was sleep but helper was here and for some reason I just don't feel comfortable going to bed when someone is here. We fed the girls some lunch and as Peyton was getting cranky I knew I needed to lay down as well. If helper wasn't here I would have put on a movie and layed in my bed with Baylee while Peyton took a nap in her own bed, but Baylee refuses naps when helper is here. I gave in and ended up falling asleep for an hour while Peyton napped, which was much needed.

As the week went on helper was sounding worse and worse, I knew she needed to rest and see her own doctor, but she kept telling me she was fine and didn't need anything. I just couldn't help but feel bad for her. Still, she cleaned the house for me while I felt like I was going to cough up a lung on the couch. I am so grateful for the cleaning she has done. Still, I was a bit irked at one thing I need to talk to her about. My maternity clothes. I wash my shirts in a gentle cycle then hang them to dry so they won't shrink. Some are already getting short on my ever protruding belly and I want them to last as long as possible. To keep them seperate from the rest of the laundry I keep them in a pile on my closet floor until the week is over (and I've run out of shirts to wear) and then I wash them. Well, helper went in and grabbed them without me knowing, washed and dried them along with the rest of the laundry and now I have 3 shirts that now show the bottom of my belly. I was so upset by this (when pregnant the smallest things seem like the biggest) but knew she didn't realize what had been done. So, yes, I need to talk to her so it doesn't happen to the rest of my shirts. It's not like I can afford or want to go out and buy a handful of new maternity clothes when I am not sure if I will ever be pregnant again after this pregnancy.

This week was a bit stressful as we had to take the van into the shop. It's the only vehicle we have that fits my family of 6, and when something is wrong with it, it ends up being really stressful. For two days it stayed in the shop getting the repairs it needed and I was sick looking at the bill. Times like that I am thankful for the check I get being a surrogate. Without it, we never would have been able to pay for the van to be fixed. As it is, David's paychecks have been short because he works only a half day every other Tuesday to take me to my doctor appointments and that comes out of his checks.

Anyway, stresses are at a minimum today. I am home alone with the girls, and we are still lounging around in our pajamas at 9am. We are going to color, watch cartoons and just veg all day long. I haven't been sleeping well yet again, and the cold doesn't help things, so I am also looking forward to a nap with them today!